DM 2015 NVMe

DriveMaster 2015 NVMe Interface:


DriveMaster 2015 NVMe Features:

  • NVM Express Revision 1.2 compliance
  • Testing applications:
    • R&D development and debug
    • NVMe protocol and command validation
    • Regression and data integrity test
    • Performance benchmark
    • TCG Opal and Enterprise SSC test and validation

DriveMaster 2015 NVMe Testing Capabilities:

  • More than 100 NVMe variables
  • PCI Configuration Space can be accessed by GUI and instructions
  • Additional read and write buffers for Admin commands
  • Reset the NVMe HBA
  • Power cycle the DUT without interrupting the system power

DriveMaster 2015 NVMe User Interface:

  • DriveMaster standard user interface
  • Dialog bar to issue and display the NVMe commands
  • Detail NVMe command trace to show the history of issued commands

DriveMaster 2015 NVMe Hardware Platform Requirements:

  • Windows based PC with the device under test (DUT) recognized by the OS
  • Installed OFA (Open Fabric Alliance) NVMe Storport Miniport Driver
  • ULINK PCIe-SSD Power Adaptor (PSPA) required for power cycle test

DriveMaster 2015 NVMe Command Trace:





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