DriveMaster 2015 Professional SATA Features

DriveMaster 2015 SATA Interface:



  • Protocol debug
  • Design verification
  • Incoming qualifications assurance
  • Spec verification

New Testing Features

  • ATA New Features
    • Zoned-device ATA Command Set (ZAC)
    • Accessible Max Address Configuration
    • Set Sector Configuration Ext
    • Zero Ext
    • DSM XL
    • DSM Function in DSM and DSM XL
    • Sanitize AntiFreeze Lock
    • Zoned No Reset in Sanitize
    • Multiple Logical Sectors of Pattern and Foreground in SCT Write Same
  • SATA New Features
    • Rebuild Assist Feature Set
    • NCQ Encapsulation for ATA commands
    • hybrid Info Feature Set
  • TCG New Features
    • TCG Block SID
    • TCG Pyrite SSC support
    • TCG Opalite SSC support


  • Supports standard & user defined ATA commands
  • Supports major ATA feature sets, including 48bit Address, NCQ, SECURITY, SMART, DCO, Long Logic Sector, GPL, HPA, SCT, Streaming, CFA
  • User friendly Command Control Panel for SATA PHY, ATA commands
  • Complete support of Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI)
  • Hundreds of scripts for ATA protocol, performance, regression, and reliability tests
  • Readable descriptions of device identification info, SMART info, GPL Log info
  • Legacy CHS mode test
  • Bench mark simulation test
  • Power management test
  • Power interrupt integrity test
  • Power cycling test
  • Device ready timing measurement
  • Power state (S3/S4/S5) resume timing measurement

Operation System

  • Windows 7 and above, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012
  • The above operating systems with x64 support.


  • Generic AHCI platform: AMD, Intel, JMicron, NVIDIA, VIA, etc
  • Generic IDE/PATA
  • Intel ICHx (IDE, AHCI and RAID Mode)
  • Marvell 6081 PCI-X SATA II / 61xx PCI-E series
  • Silicon Image Sil3124 PCI-X / Sil3132 / 3531 PCI-E
  • Any HBA that complies with the vendor specs of the above Marvell and Silicon Image chipsets
  • VIA 5324

DriveMaster 2015 SATA Control Panel:


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