UTL – ULINK Test List

UTL - ULINK Test List

The ULINK Test List (UTL) is a database on the ULINK Technology website which includes information about the components that have passed the ULINK Test Suites. The ULINK Test List contains component information and vendor contact information as a result of tests conducted at ULINK Test Labs.

The following is a complete listing of the feature from the ULINK Test Suites that are used for the testing. Products which have successfully completed testing in these areas are identified in the feature category of the ULINK Test List.

This Test List contains the following categories:
1. TCG Certification Compliance Test Suites
2. ULINK Test Suites

Table 1: TCG Certification Compliance Test Suites

Product Information Details TCG Test Suites Date Listed
Made by: Swissbit, AG
Device: SATA SSD
Model #: SFSA480GQ1AA4TOI- OC-21B-AES
Revision / Firmware Level: SBR13038
TCG Opal Pre-Certification v2.67/10/2017

Table 2: ULINK Test Suites

Product Information Details ULINK Test SuitesDate Listed
Made by: Adata
Device: SATA SSD
Model #: ADATA IM2S3334 256GB
Revision / Firmware Level: Q0330H
TCG Opal App Note v3.0
TCG Opal Test Case v5.5
Made by: SMI
Device: SATA SSD
Model #: SMI SM2258 120GB
Revision / Firmware Level: Q0914A
ULINK SATA Protocol v5.6
ULINK SATA Regression v4.5

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