ULINK Products: Professional IT Mass Storage Test Tools

DriveMaster series is the flagship software testing tool developed by ULINK for different technology interfaces and testing purposes.To complement DriveMaster series, ULINK also offers several hardware accessories for various testing purposes. The SATA/SAS Power Hub and PCIe-SSD Power Platform test power management. The SATA Explorer enables for BIST and Host Phy/Host Digital tests. The DevSlp Test Platform verifies the DevSleep feature and measures the power consumption of the device under test. ULINK also provides various test suites and consulting services including TCG implementation & test services.

DriveMaster 8 Features:

  • Supports NVMe v1.3d spec
  • NVMe multiple Submission Queues w/shared Completion Queue
  • NVMe 32MB transfer per slot in Queue mode
  • NVMe Replay Protected Memory Block, Boot Partitions
  • NVMe SQID, CQID and CQE DW0 in DM command trace
  • TCG Get/Set/Erase Range and GenKey in Command Control Panel
  • TCG Data Removable Mechanism Table in Command Control Panel
  • TCG OPAL 2.0/Pyrite/Ruby SSC in Command Control Panel
  • Works with ULINK PSPA+ PCIe/M.2/M.3 and Powerhub to perform PCIe or SATA power cycle
  • Supports PCIe PERST# via ULINK PSPA+ boards
  • Supports PLN#/PLA# via ULINK PSPA+ M.2 board
  • Supports PWDIS#/DUALPortEn# via ULINK PSPA+ M.3 board
  • NVMe Protocol and Regression test
  • ATA/SATA Protocol and Regression test
  • SAS/SCSI/FC Protocol and Regression test
  • TCG OPAL Family SSC, IEEE 1667 and Enterprise SSC Support
  • Power Interruption Test Support
  • Supports Windows Server 2016


ULINK Software


DriveMaster 8 NVMe

  • Conform to NVM Express Revision 1.3d specs
  • Support OFA and ULINK's Native drivers
  • Power cycle the DUT without interrupting the system power
  • NVMe protocol and command validation

DriveMaster 8 Professional SATA

  • Conforms to ATA/ATAPI, MMC and Mt. Fuji specs
  • Supports standard and user defined ATA/ATAPI commands
  • External power supply and smart configuration of the test system

DriveMaster 8 Enterprise SAS/FC

  • Conforms to SCSI Primary Command v4
  • Conforms to SCSI Block Command v3
  • Supports standard and user defined SCSI commands
  • External power configuration of the device under test

ULINK Test Reporter

  • Support all ULINK Test Suites’ test results
  • Support additional user-defined test suite csv and log files
  • Collect thousands of test results in a database
  • Display and compare test results with information such as pass, fail, not tested


ULINK Hardware

PCIe-SSD Power Adapter Plus
  • Device power isolated from the system motherboard
  • NVMe, AHCI/SATA and SAS PCIe device support
  • Form factor PCIe, M.2 and M.3 available
  • Controlled by a manual power switch or with DriveMaster.
SATA/SAS Power Hub
  • The Power Hub features 4 power extension connectors for 12V, 5V and 3.3V. It allows the user to simultaneously perform power management testing on up to 4 devices, controlling the power of each through USB. Fits in 5.25” drive bay.
DevSlp Test Platform
  • Works with DriveMaster to test the SSD DevSleep feature and measure the power consumption at all operating modes.
  • Allows power cycling of the SSD without shutting down the power on the motherboard
  • Functional, Regression and QA testing
  • Supports SATA, mSATA, and M.2 devices and hosts.

ULINK Test Suites

  • ULINK NVMe Protocol Test Suite
  • ULINK NVMe Regression Test Suite
  • ULINK ATA/SATA Protocol Suite
  • ULINK ATA/SATA Regression Suite
  • ULINK SCSI/SAS Protocol Suite
SATA-IO Interoperability Program
  • SATA-IO Device Digital Test Suite
  • SATA-IO Host Digital Test Suite
  • SATA-IO Port Multiplier Test Suite
  • TCG OPAL-Family SSC Certification Test Suite
  • TCG OPAL-Family SSC Application Note Test Suite
  • TCG Enterprise SSC Application Note Test Suite
  • ULINK TCG/IEEE1667 OPAL-Family SSC Protocol Test Suite

ULINK Consulting & Test Services

  • TCG Design/Test Consultation
  • TCG Training
OEM Test Services
  • OEM Specific Requirement Test Services
  • Protocol Test Services
  • Reliability Test Services
  • Performance Test Services
Device Test Services
  • Reliability Test Services
  • Performance Test Services
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