Storage Test Services


ULINK provides test services for storage devices to our customers through the ULINK Test House. Built on a rigorous test infrastructure, these services give unbiased, third-party proof of the authenticity of the results. The ULINK Test House is capable of running any and all Test Suites published by ULINK.


Test Items


SATA Devices

SATA-IO Device Digital Test

SATA-IO Host Digital Test

ULINK ATA/SATA Protocol Test

ULINK ATA/SATA Regression Test

NVMe Devices

ULINK NVMe Protocol Test

ULINK NVMe Regression Test

SAS/SCSI Devices

ULINK SAS Protocol Test

ULINK SAS Regression Test

TCG (for SATA/SAS/NVMe Devices)

TCG Storage OPAL-Family SSC Certification Test

TCG Opal-Family SSC Application Note Test

ULINK TCG/IEEE1667 OPAL-Family SSC Protocol Test

TCG Enterprise SSC Application Note

ULINK TCG Enterprise SSC Protocol Test

Other ULINK Tests

QOS Test

Performance Consistency Test

Dirty Disk Test

Power Consumption Test




At the end of a test, ULINK provides our customers with a test report and, if the device passes, a test certification. The test report clearly lists all test items, a pass/fail summary, and a test log. ULINK also provides initial technical consultation on any test issues or failed items.

If the device passes the test, ULINK will issue a test certification digitally signed by a ULINK Test Lab Manager. The certification lists the device tested, test suite, test environment, and a summary of the results. In addition, the device becomes eligible to be listed in the ULINK Test List (UTL). The ULINK Test List is an exclusive list of devices that have passed ULINK’s rigorous testing. It provides our customers proof to their OEMs and customers that their device is competitive, mature, and well designed.


How to Apply for a Test?

Customers interested in ULINK Test House’s test services should contact our Sales department at


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