ULINK Announces DriveMaster 2012 Release in Flash Memory Summit 2012

Santa Clara, CA, Aug 20, 2012 - ULINK Technology, Inc. announced today in the Flash Memory Summit that the company is planning to release DriveMaster 2012 to support the increasing demand of the SSD and TCG features. This release is a major step for the DriveMaster test program from its previous 2010 version. Its features target the mass storage testing, including SATA and SAS SSD devices. The release date is set to the end of third quarter of 2012. An upgrade will be available for those who recently purchased the 2010 version.

ULINK will demo this new release in the Flash Memory Summit 2012 in exhibition booth 701. In addition, ULINK will also present the topic of TCG OPAL Design and Testing in the Security Session 103A with the introduction of TCG OPAL design as well as the testing features in DriveMaster.

DriveMaster is a platform used for testing and validating storage devices. The 2012 version adds features for testing the enterprise PCIe SSD, SAS, and TCG OPAL 2.0 feature set. Driven by Microsoft eDrive, this new version can test the Microsoft new window security function. This new version also includes support for IEEE 1667 TCG Silo.

”Flash memory device is becoming more prominent in enterprise as well as client storage applications. As a result flash memory device has penetrated into all mass storage market segments. How to make a reliable and secured flash device is the big question on everyone’s minds. ULINK provides a unique solution - a third party test tool to offer a standard method of testing and validating and to improve the quality and reliability of these products.” said Joseph Chen, VP of Engineering at ULINK Technology.

”Our customers are happy to use DriveMaster to test and qualify their products,” added Edwin Kuo, ULINK’s Sales and Marketing Director. ”Along with the release of DriveMaster 2012 we will also produce the Test Suite for the TCG OPAL 2.0 and Microsoft eDrive validation. These products will help our customers speed up the adoption of the new security feature in the Windows 8 BitLocker hardware encryption.”

DriveMaster is a ULINK product that supports SATA and SAS product testing. The software is approved for use in the SATA-IO compliance test. It is used for validating hardware and software implementations before any product can carry the SATA-IO logo.

About ULINK Technology, Inc.

ULINK Technology (www.ulinktech.com) is the world leader in providing mass storage test tools for HDD/SSD and other flash memory devices. ULINK has developed a series of test tools including DriveMaster 2010 Professional for SATA and SAS, SATA-IO certified Digital Test Suites, SATA Protocol Test Suites, and OPAL Test Suites. ULINK’s test tools can be used for product development, validation, qualification, and QA/QC testing.

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