ULINK Drive Analyzer (Under Development)



Much of the world relies on digital data, so there is a real need for accurate proactive storage drive failure predictions. ULINK Drive Analyzer offers a sophisticated solution to drive replacement and data backup. Using machine learning, it will detect patterns in SMART and other drive health variables to make predictions on the expected life of a drive. ULINK Drive Analyzer also monitors a drive’s health during normal operation and alerts the user when there are critical changes.


ULINK Drive Analyzer features an intuitive dashboard for viewing all of a user’s drives’ life expectancies and health statuses at a glance. It also shows more detailed health status information pertaining to each individual drive on demand. ULINK Drive Analyzer will be viewable on the web and as a smartphone app so you can always keep track of your drives.


ULINK Drive Analyzer will be trained on 500+ GB of historical drive data from various drive makers, as well as drive data collected on an ongoing basis from our users. Using this data, we will train ULINK Drive Analyzer’s neural-network-based model to accurately distinguish soon-to-fail drives from healthy drives.




Monitor predicted life expectancy information for multiple drives at a glance
(current interface shows mock data).















View predicted life expectancy information for individual drives.




View drive health information, such as temperature, IOPS, etcetera, for each drive in greater detail.

















ULINK Drive Analyzer Technology Brief

ULINK Drive Analyzer Flyer

QNAP-ULINK Drive Analyzer Press Release




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