ULINK Provides Software and Hardware Testing Tools for HDD, SSD and ODD Tests in SATA-IO Interoperability Workshop #6 and Plugfest #11 in Milpitas, California from Sep. 29 – Oct. 3, 2008

Santa Clara, CA, Sep 29, 2008-ULINK Technology, Inc. will provide a range of testing tools for designers and manufacturers to test Drive products as Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD) and Optical Disc Device (ODD) during the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) Plugfest #11 and Interoperability Workshop (IW) #6 held from Sep. 29 to Oct. 3, 2008 in Milpitas, California.

As an independent testing tool company, ULINK has successfully developed and designed SATA-IO compliance test suites since SATA-IO IL program was introduced. At the upcoming IW #6 ULINK will continue serve as the Device Digital and Host Digital golden test suites as it has done in the past three years.

During the event, ULINK will offer ULINK Protocol Test Suite for SSDs to validate ATA/ SATA protocol and ULINK regression and reliability tests for traditional HDDs. Since Blu-ray optical disc storage has been become main stream in ATAPI industry, ULINK will introduce a set of new scripts for Blu-ray ODD vendors in the event.

ULINK is keeping up with the growth of the industry. Drive Master 2008 has already supported the latest Intel chipset ICH10R. Users can benefit from the advanced features introduced by ICH10R through DM 2008.

ULINK’s hardware testing tool, ”SATA Explorer”, has greatly aided vendors in Host Digital and Phy Test in the past two years. The new revision of this product will introduce new features and have a more robust design.

ULINK considers that it will be the vital opportunity especially for newly developed Solid State Device (SSD) designers and manufacturers to test the compliance of SATA-IO industrial standard by working with ULINK during this coming event. Compared to HDD, SSD products are rather new to the market and have a need for a testing standard within the industry.

About ULINK Technology, Inc.

ULINK Technology Inc. (www.ulinktech.com) is a technology development company for the newly developed storage industry. DriveMaster 2008 Professional is one of the products ULINK has developed for the SATA interface. ULINK also provides consulting and customized support for its customers. ULINK and DriveMaster 2008 Professional are registered trademarks of ULINK Technology Inc. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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