ULINK seminar to present and demonstrate TCG OPAL Technology in Taiwan

Santa Clara, CA, April 26, 2012 - ULINK Technology, Inc. announced that the company will present a Trusted Computing Group (TCG) OPAL Technical Seminar today in Taipei, Taiwan. The seminar is organized by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), Commerce Section and ULINK Technology and is aimed at promoting TCG OPAL technology and TCG testing products that ULINK offers for validating OPAL compliant devices. The seminar will be held at AIT’s Commerce Section facilities, Suite 3207, 32F 333 Keelung Road, Section 1, Taipei 110, Taipei, Taiwan ROC.

This three hour seminar focuses on TCG OPAL technology. Mark Go - Commercial Team Leader for ICT, Telecom/Media & Machinery - will provide welcome remarks during the seminar’s opening. The seminar will cover the SED (Self Encrypted Device) framework and the use of TCG OPAL in SED storage devices. The presentations will also address TCG’s storage architecture and security services and will conclude with a demo of the testing and validation methodology using ULINK’s TCG Test Suite. The seminar is based on the TCG SWG’s (Storage Workgroup) specifications for the implementation of the TCG OPAL SSC (Security Subsystem Class). Commercial Officer Mark Go mentioned, ”ULINK Technology is one of the world’s leading providers in IT storage interface testing tools and that ULINK engineering is driven by its passion in promoting the latest various storage interfaces with comprehensive and intuitive software/hardware tools. The Commercial Section of AIT is proud to support ULINK in promoting their products and services in Taiwan through the Commercial Section’s Single Company Promotion service.”

”Storage device security is a major concern in the computing and information industry. With a mass volume of sensitive data stored on a device, it is no doubt that protecting the data from loss to an intruding party is an essential effort in the IT industry. TCG SWG’s OPAL provides an open industry standard for IHV, ISV, OS and OEM to implement a secured system,” said Joseph Chen, VP of Engineering at ULINK. ”Our company plays a pivotal role in the testing and validation of TCG technology. Because protecting ”data-at-rest” is critical for the industry, device validation not only guarantees the security standard is correctly followed but also provides the tool for the industry to promote this technology.”

”Many computer hardware and system companies are located in Taiwan. ULINK is taking this opportunity to introduce TCG OPAL to those companies to help the products adhere to the specifications,” added Edwin Kuo, ULINK’s Sales and Marketing Director. ”ULINK’s DriveMaster and OPAL Test Suite can ensure the storage device, such as an SSD and HDD, is reliable and compliant to the specs. Our customers are impressed with our test suite”s capabilities and pleased that it is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to debug.”

DriveMaster is a ULINK product that supports SATA and SAS product testing. The software is approved for use in the SATA-IO compliance test. ULINK has implemented tests required by SATA-IO for the Device Digital Test, Port Multiplier (PM) Digital Test, and Host Digital Test. These are used for validating hardware and software implementations before any product can carry the SATA-IO logo.

About ULINK Technology, Inc.

ULINK Technology Inc. (www.ulinktech.com) is a software/hardware technology company focused on storage related industry. ULINK has developed a series of testing tools such as DriveMaster 2010 Professional for SATA and SAS interface; in addition, ULINK also plays an active role as the contributor of the TCG Storage Workgroup. ULINK and DM 2010 are registered trademarks of ULINK Technology Inc. For more information, visit our website at www.ulinktech.com.

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