ULINK Supports TCG OPAL and ENTERPRISE Tests at 2010 TCG Storage Plugfest on January 25-26

Santa Clara, CA January 22, 2010-ULINK Technology Inc., announced today that the company’s newly released software, DriveMaster 2010 Professional SATA and Enterprise SAS/FC (DM 2010), support Trusted Computing Group (TCG) 2010 TCG Storage Plugfest compliance tests. The 2010 TCG Storage Plugfest is held on January 25-26, 2010 at Embassy Suite Hotel in Milpitas, CA. Many companies supporting the TCG Storage Self Encryption Devices (SED) will attend this event to test their hosts and devices with the industry standard TCG Storage specifications. ULINK is providing TCG test suites to test the functions and features of these SED devices.

ULINK is a TCG Contributor Member contributing the TCG Storage Workgroup specification and compliance test implementation. TCG Storage Workgroup has released the specifications for the computer system to implement the data encryption in a storage device with the hardware based Full Disk Encryption (FDE) on a secured computer system.

DM 2010 is designed to test the TCG Storage SED devices. DM 2010 provides the host stimulate functions to issue the TCG TRUSTED SEND/RECEIVE and SECURITY PROTOCOL IN/OUT commands to test the TCG authentication and TCG Security Provider (SP) management. DM 2010 supports both TCG OPAL and ENTERPRISE Storage Security Subsystem Class (SSC). DM 2010 is able to generate TCG test functions through SATA, SAS, and Fiber Channel (FC) interfaces.

In addition to provide the TCG test and debug capabilities, ULINK has been working on a series of test suites used in qualifying the TCG devices based on the TCG Storage Workgroup Application and Compliance documents:

  1. TCG Storage Workgroup Test Case Suites
    1. OPAL Test Case
  2. TCG Command and Protocol Test Suites
    1. OPAL Application Note Test
    2. ENTERPRISE Application Note Test
    3. MBR Test
    4. SIIF Test

”ULINK is committed to support TCG Storage compliance tests. By working closely with the TCG Storage Workgroup and Subgroups, ULINK has been creating a series of test suites to be used in TCG Storage Plugfest.” said Edwin Kuo, ULINK’s Marketing Director. Kuo added, ”With these test suites ULINK is providing a complete and comprehensive test utilities for the TCG Storage Plugfest. We believe these test suites will benefit TCG Storage industry by confirming the compatibility of the Self Encryption Devices.” In addition, our customer who used our early release of the TCG tests commented: ”I’d like to report that I just succeeded running a sample script of DM 2010 with our Opal drive. The grammar of the script was fairly easy to understand. I tried enterprise SSC format by changing TCG_SSC_SPEC into 2 and the enterprise-formatted StartSession() seemed to be issued successfully.”

DM 2010 is the ULINK’s newly released flagship product to support SATA Revision 3.0 features, such as SATA 6Gb interface speed. This software has been used in the SATA-IO IW to qualify 6Gb SATA hosts and devices. ULINK has implemented tests required by SATA-IO Logo WG for the Device Digital Test, Port Multiplier (PM) Digital Test, and Host Digital Test. These tests have been used for validating hardware and software implementations of the SATA Revision 3.0 interface.

About ULINK Technology, Inc.

ULINK Technology Inc. (www.ulinktech.com) is a software/hardware technology company focused on storage related industry. ULINK has developed a series of testing tools such as DriveMaster 2010 Professional for SATA and SAS interface; in addition, ULINK also plays an active role as the Contributor of the TCG Storage Workgroup. ULINK and DM 2010 Pro are registered trademarks of ULINK Technology Inc. For more information, visit our website at www.ulinktech.com.

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