ULINK Test Reporter Introduction:

ULINK Test Reporter is designed for validation of storage devices such as hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD). For storage manufacturers and system integrator, this service can create a test database, examine and compare the test results for quality assurance. Storage R&D team can easily retrieve and compare the test results of hardware and firmware design changes, and test engineers can easily compare the massive test results of different versions of product. Demo page and test results can be viewed at ULINK Test Reporter Website.


Docker And Test Reporter Installation Guide


Test Reporter Support Page


  • Collect thousands of test results in a database
  • Compare test results in the database with simple on-screen queries
  • Support all ULINK Test Suites’ test results
  • Support additional user-defined test suite csv and log files
  • Display and compare test results with information such as pass, fail, not tested
  • Apply various filters such as date range to narrow down the comparison
  • Generate Templates for test suites and test suite versions for result parsing
  • List users, devices, test results, and test suites views for inspection

Test Result View:


Test Result Comparison:


Template List:


ULINK Test Reporter Functionality:




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