In a data dependent world, ULINK DA Drive Analyzer’s AI algorithms disrupt drive failure prediction with 7-8 times more effectiveness than traditional systems.

Be it NAS users, advanced users like data centers, or IT personnel, DA Drive Analyzer helps in making the right choice about maintaining drive health and performance. DA Drive Analyzer has different user interfaces for different kinds of users. Since it is focused on solving the pain points of each specific end user, it has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Features of the NAS App

For the everyday NAS user, ULINK offers the DA Drive Analyzer App for NAS or the NAS app. It shows just the drives for a single NAS machine and the physical location of deteriorating drives on the NAS machine. It keeps it simple and focuses only on AI-based drive failure predictions rather than detailed drive health indicators and their trends.

The NAS App can be a boon for everyday users. It is an elegant solution that allows them to monitor their drive’s health and performance.

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QNAP and ULINK Release DA Drive Analyzer, AI-powered Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS 

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