From time to time, your drive displays little warning signs that indicate its health. Powered by AI, ULINK DA Drive Analyzer helps you keep track of these signs, analyze them, and take the necessary action at the right time to prevent a drive failure. Here are some of its features that can help you easily check the health of your drives and prevent unexpected crashes.

DA Portal’s Dashboard of Drive Health Status

The ULINK DA Drive Analyzer aims to continuously monitor drive health by tracking S.M.A.R.T. attributes, temperature, and IOPS, then assessing the likelihood of drive failure. This analysis is displayed on an online dashboard called DA Portal, providing a quick overview of the health status of drives. Users can instantly see how many drives are healthy, at moderate risk, at critical risk, or have crossed specific thresholds indicative of problems. You can also set up alerts to notify you of these issues.

Life Prediction Score

The ULINK DA Drive Analyzer uses historical data from millions of drives to intelligently predict potential failures. Utilizing advanced algorithms and AI, it generates a Life Prediction Score that reflects a drive’s health: the lower the score, the poorer the drive’s condition.

For instance, a Life Prediction Score of 10 signifies a healthy drive. When the score drops below 9.5, the software issues warnings via email notifications and alerts. A score below 4.5 indicates a critical state, suggesting the drive should be replaced or backed up to prevent data loss.

Symptom Radar Chart

You can utilize the Symptom Radar Chart to gauge the severity of the health of your at-risk drive. This polygon-shaped chart provides a summary of each drive’s health parameters across five symptom axes: S.M.A.R.T., Temperature, Drive-Detected Issues, Self-Test, and Host-Detected Issues.

A lower axis score on the Symptom Radar Chart indicates poorer health in that area. For instance, a score of 2 on the Temperature axis suggests the drive has a 20% chance of lasting another year based on historical temperature data. Like the Life Prediction Score, at-risk drive categories on the Symptom Radar Chart are also AI-based.


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