DA Drive Analyzer

AI POWERED BY ULINK DRIVE ANALYZER | Predict drive failures and prevent data loss


Your digital data is valuable. Protect it with DA Drive Analyzer. “How?” you might ask. Through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is here today and here to stay, to improve, and to serve users. By leveraging modern AI and ULINK’s testing and quality assurance experience in the Storage Industry, DA Drive Analyzer will detect patterns in drive health indicators to make AI-based predictions about drive failures. DA Drive Analyzer can also analyze various drive health indicators and alert you when they cross certain thresholds.

All drives will eventually fail. Will you will be ready when it happens?

PREDICT drive failures with AI

Avoid data loss and downtime by predicting drive failures using our AI-based Drive Health Predictions. View predictions online via DA Portal, on our DA Desktop Suite Windows application, or on the DA Drive Analyzer app for QNAP QTS.


ANALYZE your drive health data for additional insights

Check whether your drive is showing specific signs of deterioration using our Threshold-Based Alerts. Like the indicator lights in your car, Threshold-Based Alerts appear when drive health statistics reach abnormal levels. You can also check trends for the stats that trigger Threshold-Based Alerts.

See whether your drive is performing at satisfactory levels using our Normal Operating Summaries. These include stats like IOPS, Temperature, and GB read and written.

DISCOVER drive health issues

Stay on top of predicted drive failures or deteriorations using our email notifications. When something goes wrong, you can either back up your data or replace your drive.

ULINK Drive Analyzer Features




Our web portal, called DA Portal, is the most comprehensive way to monitor drive health. After you purchase a license and set up a drive health data upload application (such as the DA Drive Analyzer App for QTS), you can log in to DA Portal here .

DA Desktop Suite

Available to Windows PC users, this application allows a user to quickly monitor drive health for multiple licensed users who have already set up a drive health data upload application (such as DA Drive Analyzer App for QTS) on their device. Click here  to learn more.


QNAP NAS devices can upload their drive health data and view DA Drive Analyzer’s services using DA Drive Analyzer’s app for QTS. Click here to learn more.


Because different drives send different types of information, not all drives will have every feature. Find out to what degree DA Drive Analyzer supports your drives here:

1) Known HDD models and their support

2) Known SSD models and their support


Please note that drive health data uploads are necessary for DA Drive Analyzer to function. To receive service, please make sure that both your drive-containing device (such as NAS or PC) and internet connection are on.

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3) Explore articles in DA Help Center.

Latest Versions

DriveMaster Release

DriveMaster 9: v9.2.1800

Test Suite Release

ULINK NVMe Protocol: v5.0
ULINK NVMe Regression: v4.0

TCG Opal Family Certification: v6.0 (New)
TCG Opal Family SSC Multiple Namespaces Protocol Test Suite: v2.0
TCG Opal Family SSC Application Note: v5.5 (New)
TCG Enterprise Application Note: v5.0
ULINK TCG/I1667 Opal Family Protocol: v10.0 (New)
ULINK TCG Enterprise Protocol: v5.0

ULINK SATA/ATA Protocol: v9.0
ULINK SATA/ATA Regression: v8.0
SATA-IO Device Digital: v4.0
SATA-IO Host Digital: v3.0

ULINK SAS/SCSI Protocol: v4.5
ULINK SAS/SCSI Regression: v4.0

Test Reporter

v4.4.1 (New)