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Trusted Computing Group (TCG)

Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is a not-for-profit organization formed to develop, define and promote open, vendor-neutral, industry standards for trusted computing building blocks and software interfaces across multiple platforms.

ULINK Technology, Inc. is a member of the TCG Storage Group. One of the objectives of the Storage Group is to develop standards and practices for defining the same security services across dedicated storage controller interfaces, including but not limited to ATA, Serial ATA, SCSI, Fiber Channel, USB Storage, IEEE 1394, Network Attached Storage (TCP/IP), and iSCSI. Storage systems include disk drives, removable media drives, flash storage, and multiple storage device systems.

ULINK provides the following TCG consulting/test services

  • TCG Design/Test Consultation
  • TCG Training

ULINK also provides the following TCG test suites

  • TCG OPAL-Family SSC Certification Test Suite
  • TCG OPAL-Family SSC Application Note Test Suite
  • TCG Enterprise SSC Application Note Test Suite
  • ULINK TCG/IEEE1667 OPAL-Family SSC Protocol Test Suite
  • ULINK TCG Enterprise SSC Protocol Test Suite

Other Consulting/Test Services

Test Services

  • OEM Specific Requirement Test Service
  • Protocol Test Service
  • Reliability Test Service
  • Performance Test Service

Latest Versions

DriveMaster Release

DriveMaster 8: v8.1.1500 (New)

Test Suite Release

ULINK NVMe Protocol: v3.0 (New)
ULINK NVMe Regression: v2.5

TCG OPAL-Family Certification: v3.5
TCG OPAL-Family App Note: v3.6
TCG Enterprise App Note: v3.6
ULINK TCG/I1667 OPAL-Family Protocol: v7.5
ULINK TCG Enterprise Protocol: v3.0

ULINK SATA/ATA Protocol: v6.5
ULINK SATA/ATA Regression: v5.5
SATA-IO Device Digital: v4.0
SATA-IO Host Digital: v3.0

ULINK SAS/SCSI Protocol: v3.5
ULINK SAS/SCSI Regression: v2.0

ULINK Test Reporter: v3.1.0.4 (New)