TCG Storage Certification Test Suite


ULINK has worked with TCG Storage Workgroup (SWG) to define and implement the Storage Compliance Test Suite. This Test Suite has been certified by the TCG SWG, see “Storage Certification Program Approved Test Houses and Test Suites” in the TCG website.

The Test Suite is based on the latest TCG Storage Test Cases specification. The TCG Storage Certification Program requires a device to complete and pass the Storage Certification Test Suite and the Security Evaluation for it to qualify for TCG Storage Certification. Please see the “Storage Certification Program” for details.

The Storage Certification Test Suite covers storage devices such as SATA, SAS and NVMe drives. Vendors who are interested in the testing services can contact ULINK for more details


The Storage Certification Test suite verifies whether a device with TCG storage Certification behaves according to the requirements listed in the “TCG Storage Opal Family Test Cases Specification Version 1.00, Revision 1.00”.

The Opal Test Cases Specification contains a set of tests that are intended to verify the correct behavior of a storage device implementing the Opal SSC Specification. These test cases are intended to be used as a basis for the compliance component of the projected Storage certification program, which would seek to ensure a high level of interoperability of storage devices from multiple vendors.

Test Suite Availability

The Storage Certification Test Suite license is available for purchase by vendors who wish to prepare their devices before submitting them for Certification testing. Please send inquiry emails to our sales team at:

The Test Suite is also used for the testing service by the ULINK’s Test House. ULINK’s Test House is a third-party testing service lab to perform the certification tests. Vendors may submit devices to be tested to ULINK’s Test House and the Pass test result can be listed on the UTL (ULINK Test List).

Test Cases and Test Report

The majority of tests are contained in two areas: Section 4: Use Case Test Cases and Section 5: Specific Functionality. Additionally, Section 3 outlines data handling requirements for Test Suite vendors and Section 6 details required test cases for error conditions.

The test summary is listed below. The Test Suite performs tests on each step and produces the test results for review. ULINK’s engineering team is familiar with the testing details and available to answer customers’ questions.

Click here to download the test summary sample.

Latest Versions

DriveMaster Release

DriveMaster 9: v9.2.1800

Test Suite Release

ULINK NVMe Protocol: v5.0
ULINK NVMe Regression: v4.0

TCG Opal Family Certification: v6.0 (New)
TCG Opal Family SSC Multiple Namespaces Protocol Test Suite: v2.0
TCG Opal Family SSC Application Note: v5.5 (New)
TCG Enterprise Application Note: v5.0
ULINK TCG/I1667 Opal Family Protocol: v10.0 (New)
ULINK TCG Enterprise Protocol: v5.0

ULINK SATA/ATA Protocol: v9.0
ULINK SATA/ATA Regression: v8.0
SATA-IO Device Digital: v4.0
SATA-IO Host Digital: v3.0

ULINK SAS/SCSI Protocol: v4.5
ULINK SAS/SCSI Regression: v4.0

Test Reporter

v4.4.1 (New)