Device Sleep Test Platform


”DevSlp” is an important new feature from SSD. The validation of this new feature not only involves protocol tests, but also requires a particular system board and special hardware accessory. ULINK produces the DevSlp test suite and test platform to be used with the DevSlp-capable host systems.


  • Work with DriveMaster to test the SSD DevSlp feature
  • Allow power cycling of the SSD without shutting down the power on the mainboard
  • Application on Device Sleep feature Functional, Regression and QA Test
  • For SATA, mSATA (need mSATA to SATA adapter) and M.2 (need M.2 to SATA adapter) SSDs.

Recommended DevSlp Test Requirements

  • Laptop that supports DevSlp (e.g. Intel Haswell ULT chipset)
  • ULINK DriveMaster
  • ULINK SSD DevSlp Test Platform
  • ULINK SATA Protocol Test Suite

Latest Versions

DriveMaster Release

DriveMaster 8: v8.1.1500 (New)

Test Suite Release

ULINK NVMe Protocol: v3.0 (New)
ULINK NVMe Regression: v2.5

TCG OPAL-Family Certification: v3.5
TCG OPAL-Family App Note: v3.6
TCG Enterprise App Note: v3.6
ULINK TCG/I1667 OPAL-Family Protocol: v7.5
ULINK TCG Enterprise Protocol: v3.0

ULINK SATA/ATA Protocol: v6.5
ULINK SATA/ATA Regression: v5.5
SATA-IO Device Digital: v4.0
SATA-IO Host Digital: v3.0

ULINK SAS/SCSI Protocol: v3.5
ULINK SAS/SCSI Regression: v2.0

ULINK Test Reporter: v3.1.0.4 (New)