PCIe-SSD Power Adapter Plus Gen4 Series

  • Isolation of data and auxiliary signals from the PCIe system bus
  • Two ways to control device power: hardware switch and software control
  • The ability to supply the DUT with up to 5 Amps
  • Form factor PCIe and M.2 available

SATA/SAS Power Hub

  • The Power Hub features 4 power extension connectors for 12V, 5V and 3.3V. It allows the user to simultaneously perform power management testing on up to 4 devices, controlling the power of each through USB. Fits in 5.25” drive bay.

Device Sleep Test Platform

  • Works with DriveMaster to test the SSD DevSleep feature and measure the power consumption at all operating modes.
  • Allows power cycling of the SSD without shutting down the power on the motherboard
  • Functional, Regression and QA testing
  • Supports SATA, mSATA, and M.2 devices and hosts.

Latest Versions

DriveMaster Release

DriveMaster 9: v9.2.1800 (New)

Test Suite Release

ULINK NVMe Protocol: v5.0
ULINK NVMe Regression: v4.0

TCG Opal Family Certification: v5.0
TCG Opal Family SSC Multiple Namespaces Protocol Test Suite: v2.0 (New)
TCG Opal Family SSC Application Note: v5.0
TCG Enterprise Application Note: v5.0
ULINK TCG/I1667 Opal Family Protocol: v9.0
ULINK TCG Enterprise Protocol: v5.0

ULINK SATA/ATA Protocol: v9.0
ULINK SATA/ATA Regression: v8.0
SATA-IO Device Digital: v4.0
SATA-IO Host Digital: v3.0

ULINK SAS/SCSI Protocol: v4.5
ULINK SAS/SCSI Regression: v4.0

Test Reporter

v4.4.1 (New)