Artificial Intelligence (AI) is permeating almost every sphere of our life. It’s exciting to see how AI-based ChatGPT can be used to even create music and plays. We at ULINK have another great use case for AI – drive performance and drive failure prediction. ULINK DA Drive Analyzer uses AI and machine learning algorithms to predict the likelihood of drive failure and alert the user to take appropriate action to maintain the optimum performance of their drives.

There are two cases in which AI-generated alerts will be sent – Moderate Risk of Failure and Severe Risk of Failure so that the user can take precautions to prevent data loss and consider backing up data or replacing the drive.

Moderate Risk of Failure is an AI-based prediction that a drive may fail soon. Our studies indicate that about 70% of all drives with Moderate Risk of Failure will fail sometime within 6 months, and approximately 33% will fail sometime within a month. Drives may or may not transition to a Severe Risk of Failure prediction before failure.

Severe Risk of Failure is an AI-based prediction that a drive has a high probability of failure in the near future. Our studies show that about 90% of all drives with this prediction will fail within 6 months, and approximately 40% will fail sometime within a month. If a drive has this prediction, please take immediate precautions to prevent data loss, and consider backing up your data or replacing the drive.

Different users may have different risk tolerances when it comes to drive replacement, depending on the importance of the data they are storing. Some users may prefer to replace their hardware at the first sign of trouble, while others may prefer to wait a while and see what happens. With this tiered AI prediction system, users can make a calculated choice about when it might be time to retire a drive so as to optimize the usefulness of their drives.


QNAP Launches the AI-Powered DA Drive Analyzer 2.0 – Predicts NAS Drive Failure Within 24 Hours & Enhances Enterprise Privacy

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