Benefits of the DA ASUSTOR NAS App

Benefits of the DA ASUSTOR NAS App

ULINK Technology recently released the DA Drive Analyzer ASUSTOR NAS Application 2.0, an AI-based drive failure prediction NAS app. It is meant for ASUSTOR NAS users like home users or business professionals who typically do not have the resources and the know-how to...
An Interview About the DA ASUSTOR NAS App

An Interview About the DA ASUSTOR NAS App

ULINK DA Drive Analyzer’s AI-based drive failure prediction application for ASUSTOR NAS users was recently launched by ULINK Technology. ASUSTOR is a leading network attached storage (NAS) manufacturer.  In this interview, ULINK CEO Joseph Chen answers some pertinent...
Q&A About the ASUSTOR NAS App

Q&A About the ASUSTOR NAS App

The recently released ASUSTOR NAS App extends the drive failure prediction functionality of ULINK DA Drive Analyzer to ASUSTOR NAS devices, allowing ASUSTOR NAS users to predict impending drive failures using machine learning methods. As with any new product, we...

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